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The Lawn Cutting and Fertilization Pros

There's a new Sheriff in town - the Lawn Sheriff! They know exactly how to handle those pesky bugs and weeds that can damage your lawn. Not only that, they know how to cut and keep your lawn green so it's the envy of the neighborhood, too. In addition to twenty years experience, the Lawn Sheriff is fully trained and licensed by the State of New Jersey to use and apply pesticides safely and environmentally. When your lawn is in the hands of the Lawn Sheriff, your lawn worries are over.

The Lawn Sheriff delivers a premium service that takes care of everything from feeding and weeding to mowing and trimming. This service is the most economical and efficient care for your lawn because the Lawn Sheriff sees it frequently and can apply the proper treatment to specific areas that may need attention. You see, every lawn is different and the Lawn Sheriff devises a custom program to match the specific character of your lawn. And he cleans and sanitizes the lawn mower blades daily to prevent the spread of fungus from one lawn to another.

Because the Lawn Sheriff Service is so specific to each area of your lawn, it applies the required treatment to the small area that is affected instead of spraying the entire lawn at considerably more expense. Your lawn looks better and is less expensive to maintain. The Lawn Sheriff can manage your lawn in this way because he sees it frequently and can nip problems in the bud, so to speak.

Now, if you want the service supplied by competitors that come by a few times a year to spray the whole lawn while you mow it, the Lawn Sheriff offers the Deputy Sheriff Service. The Deputy Sheriff Service delivers that whole lawn approach with licensed personnel who spray powerful, environmentally safe weed and feed products to ensure your lawns beauty without the frequent attention of the Sheriff Program.

To get the personal service I'm talking about, just give the Lawn Sheriff a call anytime at (856) 625 6036. He'll give your lawn a free evaluation. You'll be glad you did. You can count on the Lawn Sheriff to give you an honest assessment of your lawn's needs at no charge.